Human Resource Officer
Food for His Children (FFHC)


Job Description

Reports To: Director of Partnerships & Program Development

Position Overview
Food for His Children (FFHC) is a Christian community development organization working to eradicate extreme poverty in rural Tanzania. We are seeking a people-oriented, team-centric individual with prior experience in human resource (HR) management. This position will be the go-to person for all employee-related matters concerning job design, recruitment, employee relations, performance evaluations, training & development along with talent retention. This position will work closely with the Operations Officer, Director of Partnerships & Program Development to ensure that FFHC’s human resource practices are developed and implemented effectively. In addition, this role will assess current practices to recommend improvements then develop a structure around employee and company policies in accordance with Tanzanian law. We believe that people are our most important asset hence the HR specialist will play a critical role in ensuring that we have a congenial and productive workplace where everyone works in union to reach our organization’s mission and objectives.

As with all of FFHC’s staff members, our hope is for the Human Resource Officer to lead through service and example. To be a source of reminder of what Jesus teaches us in John 15:5, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing.” To encourage each team member to commit to fulfilling God’s Kingdom purpose in the work that we do and the lives that we lead.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties


Human Resources

Using Jesus as an example, partner closely with the Operations Consultant to create a culture of excellence
Mentor FFHC staff and volunteers to be Christlike and to identify and use their gifts and talents to further the organization’s mission and become all God created them to be
Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy
Manage the recruitment and selection process, develop job specifications as required, implement creative and resourceful ways to recruit new talent
Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation, and preservation of human capital
Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics, and procedures across the organization
Oversee and manage performance appraisal for FFHC staff members, assist the Director
as needed in formulating a standardized practice to review and evaluate personnel performance on a quarterly/semi-annually and annually basis
Make sure all performance reviews are done on a timely manner
Recommend creative and effective solutions to drives high performance (not only fiscally based, but in accordance with the values of FFHC)
Assess training needs for staff, recommend programs to Director, Chief Operations Office
Manage disciplinary procedures when necessary to ensure all staff works adheres to organization’s policies and values.
When any staff members require disciplinary action to take place, ensure to alert the Director and carry out the plan in a timely manner
Employ various initiatives to coach employees to optimize their capabilities
Ensure the organization is staffed with well-trained, qualified, engaged and motivated employees
Work closely with the executive management team to develop effective hiring, training, and compensation plans to retain our quality talent; and lead and mentor staff, engaging and empowering them to be successful in serving program beneficiaries and other stakeholders
Provide relevant professional development training to employees
Ensure new staff completed required legal and company documents on the first day of work and that they abide by FFHC’s Code of Ethics
Complete employee onboarding and training in collaboration with the Director


Policy and Procedures

Assist in creating efficient internal processes, policies and procedures for the organization and ensure they are followed by staff members
Establish policies and procedures that promote organizational culture and vision
Implement a method to review legal documents related to personnel matters and ensure compliance with local and national policies, regulations, and laws in Tanzania
Assure all legal and regulatory documents related to labor laws and requirements are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations
Manage contract negotiations, contract review and statutory compliance with vendors/suppliers related to staff matters
Review current business strategies, plans and policies, make recommendations for improvement working collaboratively with the Director, US COO and US Executive Director


PayRoll, Timesheets, & Personnel Expense, & Office Supplies Management

Manage timesheets and payroll – ensure that staff members are paid for the times worked
Manage and track annual leave, sick time, and medical benefits – ensure all staff follows the procedures as outlined to them
For staff members that opted to deduct their loan payments from their salaries, ensure this is done properly and correctly
Make sure all payments to government authorities related to payroll is done correctly and on time
Monitor and track staff members expenses for travel, fuel, motorbike repairs, meals, etc are done accurately and on time
Office supplies (including printer papers, ink, teas, sugars, etc) are under this position’s responsibility to ensure proper tracking and management
Desire to live and lead like Jesus, or Alignment with Food for His Children’s core values and beliefs
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Community Development, Nonprofit Management, Human
Resources, or other related field or equivalent work experience.
Minimum three years of experience in Human Resource role
Experience managing a team is highly preferred
Demonstrable experience with human resources metrics
Knowledge of HR systems and databases
Ability to architect strategy along with leadership skills
Excellent active listening, negotiation, and presentation skills
Competence to build and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company
In-depth knowledge of labor law and HR best practices
Ability to analyze trends in compensation and benefits in Tanzania, specifically in Karatu and Arusha
Three or more of the following describe you: people-oriented, organized, achiever, problem solver, organized, empathetic, strives for excellence
Experience in managing conflict and promoting resolutions to stressful situations
Demonstrated competency in working in human resource related field
Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), time management and experience working with different cultures
Experience managing organizational payroll, timesheets, insurance/benefits, expenses
Proficient with computers and MS Office, and experience with software platforms like MS Office, Google docs,
Survey platforms (Kobo, Google Forms, etc), Quickbooks and other database systems
High attention to detail and a critical thinker with excellent organizational skills; ability to prioritize and execute tasks and to manage multiple, high priority tasks
Self-motivated, self-starter and have the desire and ability to successfully work independently and as a part of a team
Strong service and work ethic, ability to meet deadlines, and the ability to contribute to the overall quality and direction of the ministry
Experience in evaluating, onboarding, training, supervising and motivating employees



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