Genlad Microcredit limited (GML) is microcredit institution located in Arusha, which specializes in providing financial serviced to micro, small and medium business. However, our primary focus is to serve micro customer that are marginalized from mainstream formal financial institutions. Our approach focuses on provision of financials services and entrepreneurship skills.  We unlock business potential.


Genlad Microcredit Limited (GML) is recruiting for a position of:

Microcredit Administration officer.

The role entails acquisition of customers, training of customers, administering loan facilities conducting of marketing activities and group and business assessment visits.


Key Job responsibilities:

  • Meet with Applicants to Determine Loan Needs, Microcredit Administrative office spend a good amount of their day in meetings with applicants. The exploratory meeting involves building rapport with the applicant and finding out the reason for needing a loan.
  • Gather Loan Information Based on Specific Loan Needs, once credit administration officer establishes the needs of the applicant, they gather the various personal and financial information necessary to see if the applicant qualifies for a loan.
  • Analyze and Verify Applicant Financial Information, Credit administration officer use their keen attention to detail and knowledge of the loans they offer to analyze applicant financial information and determine the most likely path to success.
  • Explain Different Loan Options Available to Applicants, Credit administration officer use their analysis to offer loans for which the applicant has a realistic chance of approval.
  • Present Approval and Rejection Decisions to Management, , has to present customer applications to credit committee for approval and rejection decisions to their manager for financial approval.
  • Ensure Loan Terms Comply with Government Regulations, ensures the company offering follows guidelines and standards of government and financial regulations in all type of loan offered. It is the responsibility of the credit officer to make sure a loan complies with the regulations.
  • Conduct product marketing to increase quality customers acquisitions; this includes visiting local markets, communicates with prospective customers and acquire leads.
  • Maintaining clients’ credit includes investigating and analyzing risks, approving credit for potential clients and continuing lines of credit for current clients. Working with other members of a financial team, microcredit administrative officer also evaluates credit processing and approval, and suggest changes to ensure the financial stability of the organization.
  • Review loan requests and assess clients’ financial status by Evaluate creditworthiness and risks.
  • Contact clients to gather financial data and documentation, analyse risks and approve or reject loan requests,
  • Maintain updated records of loan applications,
  • Follow up with clients about loan renewals, monitor progress of existing loans, MCAO is responsible with retention of existing customers.
  • Makes loan repayment follow ups and educate customers on payment plans of each loan cycle.

Qualifications and Education Requirements
Diploma in Microfinance and Enterprise development or Diploma Cooperative management and accounts or any relevant certificates on finance management.


  • Proven work experience as a Credit Officer, Loan Officer or similar role.
  • Hands-on experience with lending procedures and products.
  • Ability to create and process financial spreadsheets.
  • Product creativeness and innovation.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic ability work with less supervision.
  • Customer service experience


Your applications should be sent to recruitment@genladmicrocredit.com. Send your COVER LETTER and CV indicate the positions on the subject. Deadline for application is 17th Sept 2021.

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