ICEHA is working with the Education Global Access Program (E-Gap) to create a video-based pedagogy program to help teachers develop the skills they need to succeed in the classroom.

This program will benefit professional teachers as well as volunteers in areas where access to formal education is limited, including: rural and impoverished areas, conflict zones, and areas where the teacher-to-student ratio is extremely high.

In order to produce the most effective training, we are asking teachers in these areas to complete the attached assessment. We are also looking for teachers interested in volunteering to serve on advisory boards.

As a potential beneficiary of this program, we would like your assistance in creating a program that fulfills your specific needs.

Once the assessments are all completed, we expect the first four modules to be delivered to the teachers, free of charge, within about 6 months.

To begin, please respond to the questions in this form. 3,000 Teachers Survey google.com/forms