We are looking for a talented, thoughtful and driven Sales Assistant who can work during the Christmas period. Your job will require calling potential customers, selling our products to customers. This is a phone-based job only – you will not be selling products physically or driving around. You will be given leads every day and you will be expected to convince clients to buy every single day.

You will be given full training by the Sales Manager on how to do this job.

We are looking for 2 people who can fill in the following:

1) Someone who can cover weekends such as calling clients on Saturday and calling on Sunday. You must be comfortable calling on Sundays without fail. If you are not comfortable working on Sunday, please do not apply for this job.

2) Someone who can come into the office a few days per week (Wednesday – Friday) and who can work from home on the weekend.

Tentatively, we are looking for someone who can work from Wednesday – Sunday. The pay is 10,000 per day depending on the days that you work but you MUST be flexible as the dates can change and some weeks you will be busier than others.

How to apply: Call 0785 068 351 to apply for this job today. Do not email us to apply. Just call 0785 068 351 to apply.

Compensation: 10,000/= TZS per day.

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