1.    He/she is the in-charge of store, goods and also responsible for store control.

2.    Plans and performs work that involves ordering, receiving, inspecting, returning, unloading, shelving, packing, labeling, pricing, delivering, and maintaining a perpetual inventory of forms, goods and products of the company.

3.    Honest, trustworthy, smart and customer service oriented.



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Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Receive and forward all types of goods and deliveries in and out of the store to the correct point of client/storage area.

2. Follow all standards for issuing and receiving stock within the store's area of operation.

3. Monitor and take inventory on regular basis to compile orders based on par levels or needs.

4. Maintain clear and organized records to ensure all reports and invoices are filed and stored properly.

5. Responsible to verify all goods arrived as per the agreed purchase, delivery note and agreed quantity has been received.

6. Responsible for storage of all goods.

7. Responsible for the day to day check on the stores upkeep and ensure cleanliness of all areas, keeping storage areas clean & tidy and in strict compliance with hygiene regulations.

8. Refuse acceptance of damaged, unacceptable, or incorrect items.

9. Ensure all store requisitions are signed by concerned department and signatories.

10. Ensure the quantity requested and the quantity issued always matches.

11. Ensure store requisition form is signed by the person collecting the goods and enter into the inventory system.