Architectural Engineer
Knospe Group Limited

We are looking for a detail-oriented Architectural Engineer to be responsible for the development and design of industrial projects. The Architectural Engineer will be responsible for working with internal departments and external parties on building and design projects, ensuring the structural and functional integrity of building structures and systems and identifying and solving design flaws.

Architectural Engineer Responsibilities:

Designing, analyzing, and altering plans, prototypes, or structures.
Ensuring building plans, prototypes, and structures are operating safely, efficiently, and reliably.
Assisting team members with project objectives, budgets, and timelines.
Establishing project goals.
Identifying and solving problems in building plans, prototypes, and structures.
Ensuring building systems are functional, reliable, and safe.
Participating in site visits.
Testing and evaluating building systems to find problems and improvements.
Reading, interpreting, and explaining complex technical documents.
Consulting with clients on building projects.
Architectural Engineer Requirements:

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in architectural engineering.
A professional engineering license.
Current knowledge of industry trends, technology, codes, and regulations.
The ability to diagram designs both manually and with computer-aided drafting.
Good team working and communication skills.
Good time management skills.
An excellent working knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering principles.
Strong analytical, critical, and problem-solving skills.
Candidates who are proficient in use of 3d modelling software; fusion 360, solid works will be given preference.


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