Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy Dispensor
We are looking for a Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy Dispensor  to provide clerical services and support in a pharmacy. They handle pharmacy orders and provide general customer service, complete administrative tasks and support the dispensing of pharmaceutical medications.

Duties and Responsibilities
Perform Clerical Duties

The candidate wouuld play the role of receptionist, answering phones and greeting new customers in person. They are responsible for the customer service of the pharmacy, which includes receiving customer requests and resolving any customer problems and concerns, referring to supervisory staff when necessary. Entering product literature in to the database will also be part of the candidate’s responsibility.

Receive and Process Orders

Prescription orders are received by the Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy Dispensor, who must then accurately enter all necessary prescription, insurance and customer information in the appropriate computer system. They are responsible for preparing accurate documentation of orders and sending them to the Pharmacist to be filled.

Conduct Pharmacy Transactions

Once an order is filled, the Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy Dispensor is responsible for packaging it and completing the sales transaction. This can include creating, printing and attaching appropriate prescription labels and packaging. The Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy Dispensor also acts as a cashier, processing sales and operating the pharmacy’s POS system.

Assist Pharmacy Staff

The Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy Dispensor may perform any number of additional duties in order to support the operation of the pharmacy and its personnel. This often includes taking inventory, noting stock levels and notifying the pharmacist of any inventory that is low or close to expiring. It can also include performing some pharmacy services under direct supervision of the pharmaceutical staff.


Pharmacy Tech & Clerk Skills
Detail-oriented with strong interpersonal skills, the candidate should combine their clerical abilities with a dedication to customer service in order to support the everyday operations of the pharmacy. In order to succeed, they must be able to work under deadlines in a fast-paced environment and tolerate stress. They must also possess both strong mathematical skills and excellent communication abilities, both verbal and written.

Core skills

Entering data quickly and accurately
Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
Providing customer service, both face to face and on the telephone
Standing for long periods of time and lifting up to 50 pounds
Possessing strong mathematical skills
Operating cash registers and other related machines


Education Requirements:

The applicant should have a Diploma in Pharmacy from any recognized Institution. Must be registered by the National Pharmacy Board of Tanzania

Recent Graduate (Must NOT have more than 1 year of experience)

About Mianzini Pharmacy

Pay Grade: 100,000 tzs