To be responsible for efficient and effective financial management of PFMRP financial resources


The overall purpose of this role is to ensure that all programme financial management functions and processes are carried out efficiently and effectively. The post holder will:

(i)     Prepare, update and distribute programme financial management processes and procedures and ensure that all recipients of programme funds are able to apply these procedures;
(ii)    Advise on technical issues relating to programme financial management;
(iii)    Prepare and distribute the annual financial management calendar;
(iv)    Coordinate and consolidate annual work plans for the programme;
(v)     Consolidate programme budget information;
(vi)    Prepare cash flow forecasts;
(vii)   Coordinate issuance of warrant of funds and disbursement of funds to Strategic Objective (Component) Managers on a timely basis and in line with budget allocations;
(viii)  Prepare financial monitoring and accounting reports for the programme;
(ix)    Maintain all necessary supporting documents, records and accounts;
(x)     Submit requests for funds to the Joint Steering Committee;
(xi)    Provide financial information to Strategic Objective (Component Managers) to assist and enable effective programme operations;
(xii)  Review and ensure compliance with financial procedures;
(xiii) Ensure that appropriate, accurate and timely reports to GOT in accordance with the relevant financial management procedures;
(xiv) Ensure that Development Partners receive the necessary reporting information to comply with their internal procedures;
(xv)  Liaise with, and support external auditors and other programme reviewers to ensure that audits and evaluations take place on a timely basis;
(xvi) Advise programme management of any financial management problems, weaknesses or non-compliance with procedures; and
(xvii)    Perform any other tasks reasonably assigned by the Programme Coordinator

1.1.11    Main outputs:
(i)     PFMRP Financial Management procedures and processes
(ii)    Annual Programme Budget
(iii)   Programme Cash Flow plan
(iv)   Quarterly Programme Budget Execution Reports
(v)     Annual Financial Statements
(vi)    Responses to audit reports
1.1.12    Physical and Financial Assets:
Overall responsibility for stewardship and accountability for programme funds
1.1.13    Special Conditions:
•    Required to travel on a regular basis
•    May have to work outside standard working hours


(i)     Bachelor Degree either in Finance, Accounting or relevant post-graduate university Degree
(ii)    He/She must be Qualified Accountant and registered by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) as an Associate Certified Professional Accountant
(iii)   Must have at least five years’ experience in a similar financial management role
(iv)    Proven track record of working effectively at senior levels in Government and the Development Partner community
(v)     Extensive awareness of PFM concepts, requirements, practices and standards
(vi)    Computer literate in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
(vii)   Familiarity with GOT financial management procedures and reporting requirements
(viii)   Previous experience in using the financial management systems used by Government and PFMRP (Epicor, SBAS, PlanRep)

1.1.15    Person Specification:
(i)     Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
(ii)     Able to work under own initiative and without supervision
(iii)    Excellent attention to detail
(iv)    Able to handle and organise multiple competing tasks
(v)     Works well under pressure

REMUNERATION: Salary Scale An attractive remuneration package