We are looking for an hybrid of a Relations & Marketing personnel ,you will help us build and establish strong relationships with our existing and potential clients. You will work on our corporate marketing strategy to ensure our brand remains relevant to prospective clients.

Your job will include but not limited to the following

• Maintaining a clean list of our current clients.

• Identifying and approaching potential clients.

• Organizing and planning for appointments with potential clients.

• Facilitating communication between our product development teams & clients. You will make sure the client is always
happy by ensuring the client understands the challenges and progress made throughout the entire engagement

• Running our social media campaigns & providing a strategic marketing plan to sustain our existing customer
acquisition tactics.

NB:: You should be fluent in written & spoken English to succeed in this role.

OXO AFRICA is an equal opportunity employer, and we do not practice Employment discrimination by any means. We are currently looking for a female candidate to fill this position so we can strike an equal ratio on Male and Female employees in our teams.


OXO AFRICA company limited is a private Tech company based off in dar es salaam. We are working to build scale-able IT solutions for enterprise. Our core business is enterprise software.