HR recruiter is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and screening, also must be able to manage daily job duties, which include: Partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs. Screening resumes. Performing in-person and phone interviews with candidates.

Other responsibilities:

Develop and execute recruiting plans.
Network through industry contacts, association memberships, trade groups, social media, and employees.
Develop and track measurable facets of the recruiting and hiring process so that the processes are transparent and measurable. Set continuous improvement goals.
Coordinate and implement college recruiting initiatives.
Administrative duties and record keeping.

Communication Skills: You will need great speaking skills when talking to potential hires, good listening skills when listening to their answers, and listening to what the company wants in their new hires. You will need the skills to connect with people in a friendly way to get the job done.
Attention to Detail: Recruiters must be thorough when reviewing applications, references and resumes. If you are conducting background checks, you must make sure that applicants are what your company is looking for.
Decision-Making Skills: Recruiters must fill job vacancies, and you will have to make a decision on who you recommend for the job.


·        Bachelor’s degree, preferably in human resources, administration, or a similar field.

·        More than 1 year of experience in related field.