(i)     Participates in the Preparation of annual plan and budget by reviewing and consolidating plan and budgets from his section for onward submission to the superior;

(ii)    Recording all transaction through prime books of accounts for easy tracing of the events taking place in the Authority;

(iii)   Preparing bank reconciliation by comparing balances in books of the authority and those in bank statement to trace any possible loss;

(iv)    Reconciling input data with output data by comparing what original had entered processed and gave the result (output data) for accuracy controlling purpose;

(v)     Effectively and efficiently participating in updating Fixed Asset Register through revaluation depreciation and Disposal using Financial Accounting Standards in order to arrive at correct asset value under/over statement of assets;

(vi)    Participate in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual income and expenditure report/statement by reconciling the cash and bank accounts in order to analyse the overall performance of the Centre;

(vii)    Participate in preparation of fixed Assets registrar by recording the assets in proper ledgers for easy retrievals and updating;

(viii)  Participate in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual cash flow statements by recording the cash inflow and outflow with a view to control movement within the Centre;

(ix)    Participate in center’s/zonal stock taking exercise through physical check of assets by counting and evaluating with a view of providing necessary schedule for cost and depreciation; and

(x)    Participates in the Preparation of monthly, quarterly/annual progress report by consolidating progress records of his section for onward submission to the superior.


Diploma in Accountancy  from a recognized Institution, and should be registered by NBAA, with At least three (3) years work experience in the  same field from outside plus six months’ probation period