(i)    Checks status of the vehicle to be used by carrying inspection on fuel, brakes, tyres and other necessary components with a view of ascertaining suitable working condition of the vehicle and initiate/remedy problem solving where necessary;

(ii)    Obtains requisite authority on daily performance in relation to persons and/or materials to be conveyed and delivered by having the right documents and instructions in order to keep truck for internal and external agent’s use;

(iii)    Timely counter checks loading and off-loading of materials, embarking and disembarking of persons by physical checks and counts where necessary in order to ensure that right embarking and disembarking and/or loading and deliveries is achieved;

(iv)    Skilfully and safely drives the vehicle in order to safe guard the safety of the vehicle, people and material;

(v)    Prepares reports using simple format for record and further use;

(vi)    Maintains log book showing the details of the movement of the vehicle in order to monitor the efficient and effective utilization of the vehicle;

(vii)    Initiates carrying out routine service of the vehicle by alerting the concerned in order to keep the vehicle in long life service; and

(viii)    Carries out any other instruction related to his job as may be assigned from time to time aimed at improving the overall performance of the section.


Form Four (IV) Certificate plus Class “C” driving licence, Certificate in Motor driver’s Training from a recognised   Institution, with At least three (3) years working experience from outside in the same field plus six months’ probation period