(i)    Develop and coordinate ICT plans at national level by analyzing the ICT software and hardware needs for VETA to ensure effective computerization of VETA operations;

(ii)    Coordinate and monitor preparation of ICT Annual Budget by costing the planned activities for smooth provision of Information and Communication Technology support;

(iii)   Provide and Coordinate ICT support services to all ICT equipments such as computers and others by installing, updating and repairing ICT hard wares and soft-wares to ensure long life and safety of machines and information;

(iv)    Provide adequate ICT support to computer users by training them according to identified training needs with a view of building their capacities;

(v)     Update and manage VETA’s networks and website at national level through customization installation and troubleshooting ICT software, for easy communication and coordination of Authority activity;

(vi)    Protect data and information from corruptions and virus through backups and periodic updating of antivirus programmes for present and future use;

(vii)    Develop ICT security mechanism on individual and departmental through introduction of protective tools such as private keys, user authenticity in order to maintain privacy;

(viii)    Administer the development, design and implementation of new applications and changes in the existing ICT by identifying new Technologies in order to cope with dynamic changes in ICT; and

(ix)     Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports by summarizing all the activities carried out within the ICT section with a view to submit same to the superior for consolidation with other reports within the directorate.


Degree or Advanced Diploma in Computer Science or in Information Technology from a recognized University/Institution, with At least six (6) years in the position from outside and one year probation.